Tourism marketer predicts post-Covid ‘slow tourism’ and ‘bleisure’

A leading travel marketer predicts Queenstown will benefit from the growing post-Covid trend towards ‘slow tourism’.

Darren Wright (pictured), global chief marketing officer for Flight Centre — which held a worldwide marketing conference in the resort this week — says ‘‘there’s a lot of our customers that are taking more time to be present in locations’’.

‘‘They’re taking longer holidays and they’re certainly spending a lot more time creating more experiences for themselves and their families, if they’re travelling with them, just to really relax and feel more like locals.

‘‘They’re just not rushing in, trying to fulfil an eight-day itinerary in four or five days.’’

Wright also uses another new word, ‘bleisure’, where clients combine business and leisure.

He thinks Queenstown particularly suits slow tourism as there’s such a range of ‘‘amazing experiences’’, and so many are within walking distance.

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