DQ manager departs for major travel company role

Destination Queenstown’s former business development director’s scored a high-powered role with leading Kiwi in bound travel company, Anzcro.

Kiran Nambiar resigned from his DQ role of over five years just before Christmas.

In a release last week, DQ CEO Matt Woods says he’d ‘‘shown strong commitment and extraordinary skills leading the business development of DQ and [had] driven exceptional results for DQ over the years’’.

‘‘Over Kiran’s tenure, the trade and Queenstown Convention Bureau teams secured a range of high-profile events and grew the profile of Queenstown significantly, and his dedication has been second to none.’’

His new role at Anzcro, starting March 1, is senior vice-president sales, North America.

In a statement, he says he’s ‘‘very excited that I can continue promoting our brilliant part of the world and continue working closely with our highly-engaged travel partners in North America’’.

Nambiar, who’ll continue to be based in Queenstown, is also a former Tourism NZ regional manager for India and Southeast Asia.

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