Thriller work in full swing after glitch

Next level: The site near Queenstown which is already home to the Nevis Swing

An equipment hiccup has caused delays for Queenstown’s next adrenalin-pumper, the Nevis Thriller, which is being described as a “world first”.

The extreme experience, part of the AJ Hackett empire, was to open earlier this year.

But Hackett co-founder Henry van Asch says some European components for the bungy-zipline ride got stranded on a train after the 6.4-magnitude Kaikoura earthquake last November.

Replacement parts from Germany arrived this week, enabling engineers to start installing the company’s newest offering at the site, near the existing Nevis Swing.

“We certainly would like to [launch] later this year but have to see how it pans out.

“These things just take as long as they do and you cannot really rush it – it is just a matter of stepping forward one step at a time.”

The tourism pioneer says equipment has been tested in Christchurch over the last few months and the product is likely to finally launch later this year.

He’ll “probably” be the first to try it out but isn’t sure when that will be.

“[I] don’t really know.

“We’ve got to get it all assembled first and that will take a few more weeks.

“Then start throwing a few weights off just like we did in the old days with bungy.”

Van Asch is keeping mum about details of the ride – he will say punters will be “thrilled” and “excited” when they try it out.

Mountain Scene revealed last October the new product will give thrill-seekers a sense of flying – similar to what a base jumper might feel.

The project got a $500,000 government hand-out to help cover a portion of development costs.

Hackett reckons once complete it’ll boost tourism in the resort.

“We’re confident that the Nevis Thriller will further reinforce Queenstown’s place as the adventure tourism capital of the world.

“So it’s fantastic to be ready to move out of design and into build phase.

“Something like this has not been done before so design and build does take time.

“And of course we’ll only launch when we’re confident we have the most exciting, innovative and safe product possible.”