Thieves come clean



All but one of the four people who stole items from outside Queenstown’s Hospice
Shop late last month have had an attack of conscience.

As reported in last week’s Mountain Scene, well-meaning Queenstowners dropped
items off outside the Gorge Road store over the weekend, when the shop — which raises
money to help people dying from cancer — wasn’t manned.

Four people were then caught on camera helping themselves to skis, poles, and a kettle.

Hospice Shop Queenstown manager John ‘Boggy’ McDowell reported the thefts to the police last Tuesday.

He says one male came back under the cover of darkness last Wednesday to return the skis, but kept the poles — he’s ‘‘still of interest to police’’.

Police also tracked down and spoke to two women, who said they thought the items
were free.

McDowell: ‘‘I agreed … if they came in and paid [or] returned the goods, we wouldn’t press charges.’’

Two women have since visited the shop to apologise and pay for items they took —
one delivered flowers and chocolate to the vollies.

The fourth culprit, who covered his face with a hoody while stealing two sets of skis and poles, hasn’t been tracked down yet — nor has he returned the stolen items.