The big questions facing the Wakatipu at the start of spring?


Got your swingers’ party ticket yet?

Or are you a single male and can’t find a girl to go with you?

Or is Queenstown just too small for that sort of carry-on?

Dying to know who ‘admin lady’ is?

Dying to know who the developer involved in an alleged Arrowtown assault is?

Does Jonathan Dixon not like his lawyers … or is it the other way around?

How much more do you expect to pay to fly to Christchurch when Jetstar pulls the plug?

What made publicans think they could get away with three-hour happy hours?

Isn’t that Happy Days?

Will climate change eventually wipe out our skifields?

Will Queenstown’s hoped-for conference centre be a financial millstone like Dunedin’s roofed stadium?

Will Queenstown Airport ever have the balls to extend the runway out over Frankton Beach so jumbo jets can land here?

Will ex-Destination Queens­town boss David Kennedy be our next mayor?

Will Kennedy’s wife ever let him run for the mayoralty?

How cool is ice hockey right now?

Will local retailers survive rent ratcheting and the influx of big-brand stores?

Can you ever have too much coconut water?

Ditto Fergburger?

Doesn’t it feel like winter never even happened? 

Did winter actually happen?

Who hasn’t got a drink-driving conviction in Queenstown?

Should we put Judge Kevin Phillips in charge of New Zealand immigration policy?

Or is Winston Peters better?

Will Richie Anderson’s backyard make the next Homes and Gardens charity tour?

Prison or Lake Hayes Estate?

Would the rates bills cock-up by Queenstown Lakes District Council have happened if Adam Feeley had been in charge?

What do you reckon he’ll hand out as booby prizes at the QLDC Christmas party?

The Annual Plan?

Remember the name of Feeley’s predecessor?

Is it a coincidence that since Vanessa van Uden’s been mayor, QLDC chief executive Debra Lawson, Lakes Leisure boss Fiona McKissock and Queens­town Airport chief executive Steve Sanderson have all left?

And is Hamish Dobbie feeling nervous?

When will our four- and five-star hotels start regularly charging four- and five-star prices instead of discounting?

Why doesn’t Queenstown Inc push harder for a bed tax that could painlessy raise millions of dollars a year?

What will the Stop the Tunnel group say when they learn the Queenstown Trails Trust has put a tunnel under State Highway 6?

When will Queenstown Airport’s next extension begin?

When is the next Memorial Hall upgrade scheduled?

Presumably, after we’ve finished fundraising to pay for this one?

Why has it taken ages just to put an extra lane on the small McChesney’s bridge at Arthurs Point? Wouldn’t that take less than a week in China?

Why hasn’t Queenstown got decent squash courts?

If the Warriors get to go to Queenstown after a miserable season, where do they get to go if they do well?

Ever read an entry in Kartell’s ‘People I’d like to punch in the face’ book – and then gone out and actually done it?

Regretted still being out when the lights come on?

Or is 4am closing just too soon?

Jo Holley or Aja Rock?

Or don’t you know who Aja Rock is?

Jaime or Sally Ridge?

Or neither?

Ben Crawford or Mark Wilson?

Al Spary or Mike Burgess?

Boom Boom Room burlesque at SkyCity Casino … or Champagne Room lapdance at Club 88?