Tongue in cheek: Shotover Canyon Swing's little poke at funding secured by adventure rival AJ Hackett Bungy


A Queenstown tourism company that missed out on Covid relief funding has produced A Covid Fairy Tale YouTube video to try to turn a negative into a

Shotover Canyon Swing had applied for $300,000 in strategic tourism assets
protection programme (STAPP) funding, spread over two years, but like
about 160 other operators, was turned down.

At the same time, many big boys received major STAPP funding, including
$10.2 million — half loan, half grant — for Queenstown-based AJ Hackett

Canyon Swing marketing manager Dalice McGregor says: ‘‘We’re not against the funding, it was how it was divvied out that wasn’t fair.’’

Company co-founder Hamish Emerson adds: ‘‘Our competitors have an advantage now because they’ve got a lot of cash.

‘‘We don’t have that cash so we have to get some cut-through.’’

That’s in the form of a provocative but satirical promotional video he
devised with help from staff headed, ‘The truth about Covid-19 in New Zealand’.

It stars the likes of ‘Aunty Jacinda’, ‘Uncle ‘Ash’, The Lord of the Rings character Gollum, Tiger King, Chris Hemsworth and the Dallas Knights
American footy team.

The narrator spells out the moral of the story: ‘‘Life isn’t always fair, just
put your best foot forward and with a little help from your friends, [it] usually turns out OK.

‘‘If you’re travelling around this summer, make the right choice.

‘‘Give some thought to the little guy, the one who missed out on the big cheque.’’

McGregor says the video, released last Friday, has already had about 6800
Facebook views.

The reaction’s been ‘‘all really positive’’.

‘‘Even the Aussies are getting it,’’ Emerson adds.