Deep diving: Revolutionaries of Wellbeing founder Sarah McGuinness


A Queenstown-based company is conducting what’s believed to be a world-first survey, checking in on wellbeing leaders across the globe.

Revolutionaries of Wellbeing (ROW) founder Sarah McGuinness says while there are plenty of surveys around employee wellbeing, there’s not much focus on wellbeing managers’ roles, and the challenges and opportunities they face.

‘‘We often hear from people in these roles that they’re juggling the management of wellbeing programmes on top of an already busy role, and consequently it’s usually  wellbeing activities that get pushed to the bottom of the list.

‘‘We want to understand how that role is supported day-to-day, as that’s the critical missing piece in how workplaces improve wellbeing across the business.’’

McGuiness needs at least 300 responses to the anonymous survey, but is hoping to hit 1000 to get a better global overview, while focus groups and a literature review of academic material’s also being done.

She’s hoping the survey can become annual so industry trends can be mapped and shared over time.

A briefing report will be produced with the results of the first survey early next year.

‘‘With Covid-19 far from over, the contribution to this research by wellbeing leaders in business will be important as it will inform development opportunities and advocacy for the role going forward.’’

The survey’s online at