A 'low mow' trial area in Nerin Square, Lake Hayes Estate. PHOTO: GUY WILLIAMS


It could be a low-mow no-no, or just a go slow.

Mountain Scene’s none the wiser after asking Queenstown’s council for its thoughts on a recent ‘‘low-mow’’ trial in two suburban spots.

The trial began last December with its parks team telling contractors to leave much of the grassed areas in Lake Hayes Estates’s Nerin Square and Shotover Country’s ‘Common Lane’ reserve uncut.

It came to an end last month.

The trial, and a story in January by Scene’s sister newspaper, the Otago Daily Times, prompted a polarised response on social media.

So we asked the council if its parks team had assessed the trial’s success or otherwise, and if it was seeking feedback from residents in the two suburbs.

Council media man Jack Barlow: “The low-mow trial has been a new experience for many in the district.

‘‘As such, it has elicited a wide range of responses, including ones that are positive, negative and indifferent.

“Parks staff are continuing to monitor the trial’s progress, and will continue to work with council to weigh the trial’s benefits and explore opportunities throughout the district.”

Barlow told the ODT in January the trial was partly motivated by community groups’ interest in using the areas for initiatives like plantings, community gardens, and permanent pathways.