Ready to reopen: Otago Lakes Area Commander Paula Enoka with Arrowtown Police Station volunteer Bob Farrell and Queenstown prevention sergeant Steve Watt outside the soon-to-reopen Arrowtown cop-shop


The Arrowtown cop-shop’s doors will reopen early next year.

In July, 2017, the clamps were put on the station — run by a group of 25 volunteers — part
of a national police directive, which required a uniformed cop to be present while the  station was open.

Because that could only happen for three hours a week, the Arrowtown Police Volunteer Group was forced to disband.

But after some retrofitting of the 28-year-old Buckingham Street station, which includes a
fit-for-purpose and secure front desk, the group’s reformed and is on the hunt for some new vollies to help man the station.

Otago Lakes Area Commander Paula Enoka’s excited about the prospect of the station reopening, which she describes as ‘‘a really positive step’’.

‘‘It will provide a centre of assistance for this growing community, and offers us a great
chance, as police, to work in partnership alongside community volunteers.’’

Enoka pays tribute to long-time volunteer Bob Farrell, a keen supporter of the station
reopening, and the late Jim Ryan, who was instrumental in the running of the station before its closure.

‘‘I know he would have been excited and proud to be part of the reopening,’’ she says.

Farrell says they have eight or nine people already keen to volunteer, but need, ideally,
similar numbers to before.

He’s thrilled the service will soon be available again and also believes Jim, who died in June, and the late Les Rogerson, one of the volunteer group’s founders, would be ‘‘pretty pleased’’ to see the station manned again.

Queenstown prevention sergeant Steve Watt says all vollies will be vetted and trained, but
he’s hoping they can get a full roster ready to rumble early in the new year.

The volunteer team will be bolstered by officers from the Queenstown Prevention Team
who’ll be ‘‘out here as much as we can’’, Watt says.

Anyone interested in volunteering can email