Skippers Canyon parapenter rescue


A parapenter was rescued in Skippers Canyon after losing control, hitting a wall and sustaining a fractured femur, cuts and contusions.

Lakes District Air Rescue Trust manager Ed Halson says the 21-year-old Australian took off from Coronet Peak at 5am on Saturday.

After getting into  difficulty  the man was able to communicate with a parapenting friend who raised the alarm.

The air rescue trust dispatched a Squirrel helicopter to near Pipeline Bungy Bridge, landed on a small beach near Shotover River and located the man who was flown directly to Southland Hospital in Invercargill. Mr Halson urged anyone going into the outdoors to  take safety precautions.

“Always let someone know where and what you are doing, have a backup communications device such as personal locator beacon or cellphone and a due-back time.”

He also urges people to take a common-sense approach.

They should always raise the alarm if they  found themselves in trouble, but if they were able to remedy matters they  needed to  contact emergency  services to call off a search and rescue operation. Senior Sergeant John Fookes, of Queenstown, also urged anyone planning on hiking in the back country to take  precautions.

He reiterated Mr Halson’s call on communications but also  said  people  needed to be honest about their  capabilities  and not attempt tramps beyond their  limits.