Second strike for sex assault


A Frankton builder convicted for sexually assaulting a resort woman in January already has a conviction for a similar assault on a drunk French tourist in 2016.

Steven Enting, 36, was sentenced to four months’ home detention and given a ‘second strike’ warning by Judge John Strettell in Queenstown’s court on Tuesday.

On January 8, after socialising in central Queenstown, the victim went home by taxi about
9pm and went to sleep in her bedroom.

She woke up just before midnight to find the defendant touching and kissing her hip.

As he began pulling her skirt down, she woke up fully and yelled at him to get out.

He straightened the bedding and left the room, later telling police he was so drunk he’d
‘‘blacked out’’ and had no memory of the incident.

In 2016, he was sentenced to 12 months’ home detention for unlawful sexual connection
after continually sexually assaulting a woman despite her repeatedly telling him to stop.

Defence counsel Michael Walker told Strettell the defendant was deeply remorseful for his actions in the January incident.

He understood his offending stemmed from excessive drinking, and had not drunk since the incident.

The offending was at the lower end of the scale for the charge, Walker said.

Strettell told Enting the victim had ‘‘suffered deeply’’ as a result of the attack.

‘‘What you took away from the victim was her sense of security.’’

Enting must serve the home detention at a Frankton property, and pay the victim $1500
reparation for emotional harm.

For the duration of his sentence, and for six months afterwards, he must undergo treatment for his alcohol issues and must not possess or consume alcohol or drugs.

He’ll also have to do 150 hours of community work.

The conviction came with a second strike warning, as required by three strikes legislation that applies to 40 serious sexual or violence offences.

In 2016, Enting was staying at a backpackers in Nelson when he met a Frenchwoman who
was also staying there.

The pair went to a music concert, and while there the victim drank a large amount of wine.

She got so drunk she threw up at the venue.

He offered for her to sleep on a mattress in his van, and then returned to the concert without her.

He came back to the van with one of the victim’s friends, and the trio went to sleep inside.

Enting began touching the victim, who woke up and told him she did not want him to touch her.

He stopped, but started again once the victim was asleep.

This happened a number of times, with the victim telling him each time to stop.

She woke in the morning to find her pants were off.

The victim’s friend gave evidence that she could hear Enting kissing the victim’s body.

She also overheard her telling him to stop touching her several times, to which she heard him say ‘‘why?’’.

He later admitted touching the victim, but claimed she was ‘‘into it’’.