Scene – 13 November 2008





Pretty pair: ICAN catwalk models Hellen Augusto (left) and Nikki Bodle

WHAT: Fashion on Q
WHERE: Peregrine Winery
WHEN: Last Friday

Looking good: Front row spectators Meisha Strykowksi (left) and Lisa Keating

WHAT: Fashion on Q
Peregrine Winery
WHEN: Last Friday


Good cause: NZ Breast Cancer Foundation fundraising organiser Vijay Naiker with Sarah Walker (left) and Vicky Whittle

WHAT: Pink Tie Party
WHERE: Guilty Bar
Last Saturday


In the spirit: Sara Selwyn (left), Bruce Anderson and Emma Cameron

WHAT: Peter Alexander’s VIP Christmas Evening
WHERE: Peter Alexander store
WHEN: Last Thursday 



Happy 50th: Lynne Tankard (second right) with (from left) Pastor Maria Payn, Tankard’s daughter Lizzy and husband Paul

WHAT: Lynne Tankard’s 50th birthday party
WHERE: City Impact Church
WHEN: Last Thursday

Cribbing time: Former cribbie Chris Read (left), museum education officer Angela Verry and former cribbie Graeme Todd from sponsor Mactodd

WHAT: Opening of ‘Our Piece of Paradise: Cribbies in the Wakatipu 1940s-1980s’
WHERE: Lakes District Museum
WHEN: Last Friday


Happy 21st: Sherwood Manor receptionist Haley King (second left) with (from left) boyfriend Paulo Araujo, Jessica Owen and Amber Lay

WHAT: Haley King’s 21st birthday party
WHERE: Pig & Whistle
WHEN: Last Saturday


Book on ice (from left): Grahame Sydney and wife Heidi McLeod, artist Peter Peryer and actor Sam Neill

WHAT: Book launch of ‘White Silence: Grahame Sydney’s Antarctica’
WHERE: Book Café
Last Thursday