Rees St parking rejigged



Queenstown’s Beach Street closure for the CBD upgrade project has led to rejigged parking in neighbouring Rees St.

Till March there were six 15-minute parks and two loading zones on Rees St.

Now there are seven loading zones and one mobility space.

A council spokesperson says the extra loading zones are to cater for deliveries to Beach St businesses.

However, loading zones can also be used to drop off or pick up people, ‘‘although vehicles should not be left unattended for more than five minutes’’.

In addition, CCTV cameras aren’t being used in this location to ping motorists.

Council also advises anyone issued with a $40 fine for non-compliant parking on a loading zone can apply for a waiver via the council’s website.

However it’s adopting a zero-tolerance for parking on bus stops so public transport can function efficiently.