Q+A: Mayoral candidates


Rate council’s performance in the last three years

Al Angus: Dismal

Jim Boult: Acceptable

Lyal Cocks: Satisfactory, but room for improvement. The challenge is to manage the adverse impacts of growth and ensure all communities in our district reap the benefits

John Mann: Bouquet: Council was fiscally responsible and created a solid platform for the community. Brickbat: Council failed two undertakings (i) organisational restructure resulting in under-performance in key areas of planning, regulatory and transport and (ii) the successful implementation of an economic development unit which should be providing development guidance to council and community

Roger Tompkins: Frugal, but now we need to start spending money on important issues

Top priority if elected?

Al Angus: Infrastructure. Water, sewerage etc. Preventative maintenance programmes. More staff at the coalface. Living wage for staff.

Jim Boult: Lead a clear vision, then bring it to reality

Lyal Cocks: Leading the team to complete the projects and work addressing the transport, housing, economic development and smaller communities’ issues

John Mann: By Christmas, a detailed strengths and weaknesses analysis of the council makeup, staff and management and a plan agreed to implement the recommended solutions

Roger Tompkins: Instigate the transport plan that’s on the table

Top idea to fix housing unaffordability?

Al Angus: Fast-track consents that have a true affordability content. Fast-track consents that have a paid up “life of the building” indemnity

Jim Boult: Encourage a more competitive market

Lyal Cocks: Enable higher density development, and review the rules and rates for visitor accommodation and unoccupied houses to provide greater longer term rental stock

John Mann: Housing and accommodation summit involving ALL stakeholders by March. No single answer but Christchurch model is the only successful one to date. Good start!

Roger Tompkins: Private and public partnerships

Top idea to fix traffic congestion?

Al Angus: Improve CBD parking. Open the lakeview site to worker and ratepayers’ cars temporarily. This will stop around 100 cars an hour doing laps looking for a park

Jim Boult: A public transport system that is so good, so affordable and so frequent, locals and visitors alike will see it as the best way to travel in the district. Public transport systems seldom make money. So it will need external support – from the likes of a tourism levy

Lyal Cocks: Complete Hawthorne Drive, improve flow at BP Roundabout, establish top-notch public transport including ferries, encourage alternative modes, discourage visitors hiring cars on arrival

John Mann: Ensure committed works (BP, Hawthorne Drive and bridge) are delivered on schedule. Accelerate inner links, DowntownQT’s and the chamber’s proposals. Establish first-class public transport network

Roger Tompkins: Temporary transport hub on the edge of Queenstown

Special Housing Areas — more of the same?

Al Angus: Needs work

Jim Boult: No, but used better it will assist

Lyal Cocks: No, new lead policy required to achieve intended outcomes based on lessons learned

John Mann: On steroids! We have to FACILITATE first family homes and worker accommodation for the healthy economic and social development of the district

Roger Tompkins: TBA

I’ll be a success in three years if..

Al Angus: You’ve stopped backing disastrous mayors! I, on the other hand, will be a success because I will have stayed true to my constituents and, one way or another, made things a little better

Jim Boult: Acceptable financial growth and with enhanced lifestyle

Lyal Cocks: The transport system is fully functional in and around Queenstown, public transport is cheap and attractive, smaller communities needs are addressed, DP review is mostly completed, new economic activity has been established, the state of our water is understood, safe water supply is certain, and residents satisfaction is higher

John Mann: My council is easy to deal with. Ratepayers are actively involved in a comprehensive supporting network of organisations who effectively contribute to council’s decision-making process

Roger Tompkins: Three years? Two years! I want to have made recognisable changes to the district which will benefit us now and lay the foundations for the next generation


Ratepayer-funded convention centre at Lakeview?

Al Angus: No

Jim Boult: No

Lyal Cocks: No

John Mann: No

Roger Tompkins: No – five-year moratorium on the convention centre

Ratepayer-funded affordable housing?

Al Angus: No

Jim Boult: No

Lyal Cocks: No

John Mann: Yes

Roger Tompkins: No. PPPs

Ratepayer-funded public transport?

Al Angus: No

Jim Boult: Via a tourism levy, yes

Lyal Cocks: Yes

John Mann: Yes

Roger Tompkins: No

Council intervention in accommodation sector (empty homes/Airbnb)?

Al Angus: No

Jim Boult: No

Lyal Cocks: Yes

John Mann: No

Roger Tompkins: No

Permanent Queenstown/Wakatipu residents who are registered to vote can elect one mayor and six councillors. Arrowtown councillor Scott Stevens was elected unopposed.

The final day for polling is October 8 at 12pm. By then, voting papers must be returned by post or delivered to Queenstown council’s office at 10 Gorge Rd.

If you have any questions contact electoral officer Jane Robertson: (03) 441 0499 or jane.robertson@qldc.govt.nz