Profiles: Queenstown election candidates


Permanent Queenstown/Wakatipu residents who are registered to vote can elect one mayor and six councillors. Arrowtown councillor Scott Stevens was elected unopposed.

The final day for polling is October 8 at 12pm. Voting papers must be returned by post or delivered to Queenstown council’s office, 10 Gorge Rd, by then.

If you have any questions contact electoral officer Jane Robertson: (03) 441 0499 or


29sep-150-angusAL ANGUS

Age: 59. Family: large

Years in the Wakatipu: Around 40. Almost a local

Best known for: Blunt honesty, simple solutions for complex problems. Not good with liars or the unaccountable

Relevant experience: I have run a couple of large earthworks projects and many smaller enterprises

Why me?: I’m here solely to give the hard-working real stars of our district – tradies, nurses, cleaners, etc – a voice at the HEAD of the table

What do you want?: A team that is focused on the community and knows how to go through/over/under or around obstacles and hindrances

How will you do it?: Build council and staff confidence, starting with trusting in their judgements and ideas. Be available to staff, councillors and, most of all, you!

What do you do for a crust?: Manager

29sep-150-boultJIM BOULT

64, Family: Karen and two fabulous children

Years in the Wakatipu: 34

Best known for: Getting the best outcomes

Relevant experience: CEO of the largest council-owned business in the South Island

Why me? Best credentials

What do you want? Outstanding councillors

How will you do it? Leadership

What do you do for a crust? Professional director

29sep-150-cocksLYAL COCKS

60, Family: Two daughters and two grandsons

Years in the Queenstown-Lakes: 18 years

Best known for: My role as an elected member and getting things done, such as the Wanaka Recreation Centre

Relevant experience: Extensive experience as a senior officer in the Navy, owned and operated successful businesses, nine years as a councillor and six as deputy mayor.

Why me? I am a proud, strong, fresh leader with knowledge, experience and integrity, and no other commitments to restrict or compromise my mayoral duties

What do you want? To be best mayor for all communities and ensure district is a great place to live and visit

How will you do it? By good leadership of council, strong political support to the CEO and his team, robust relationships, setting achievable goals and getting things done

What do you do for a crust? Deputy mayor/councillor, district licensing committee member, commissioner and driving instructor

29sep-150-john_mannJOHN MANN

66. Family: Wife Ann, daughters Catherine and Elizabeth

Years in the Wakatipu: 25

Best known for: Large, successful community events

Relevant experience: Six years chairman of council committees

Why me? Most appropriate policies

What do you want? Full community engagement

How will you do it? Education and skill enhancement

What do you do for a crust? Company director

29sep-150-roger_tompkinsROGER TOMPKINS

64. Family: Wife, son and daughter who grew up here in Queenstown. Two dogs

Years in the Wakatipu: 32

Best known for: Director and producer of many global advertising campaigns from 100% PURE NZ to Speight’s and Tip Top

Relevant experience: CEO of one of Australasia’s most successful production companies, I know how to motivate and lead a team!

Why me? I’m ready to commit 100 per cent to this community. Time to give the council and district leadership and a mission statement

What do you want? Development without detriment and bring back beautiful

How will you do it? Motivate, plan and execute

What do you do for a crust? I butter my wholegrain brown bread with Gran’s marmalade


29sep-150-hudson_turnbullHUDSON TURNBULL

Family of adult son and two teenage daughters
Years in the Wakatipu: 43 since 1969

Best known for: Boyish good looks and dry wit!

Relevant experience: Elected twice to QLDC 92-95, 95-98. Member various committees including first district plan under the RMA

Why me? Pragmatic, considered and realistic approach to community issues

What do you want? Satisfaction from knowing my contribution has been effective

How will you do it? Researching the issues and speaking out for the district’s communities

What do you do for a crust? Company director, taxi driver

29sep-150-tony_hillTONY HILL

Married to Vickie, three children all educated in Queenstown

Years in the Wakatipu: 39 years

Best known for: Community involvement and business acumen

Relevant experience: Chair of Lakes Environmental Ltd and a chartered member of the Institute of Directors

Why me? Strong business and community background. Aware of issues and prepared to listen to concerns

What do you want? A cohesive council that is transparent and seen to be achieving important decisions for our district

How will you do it? With drive and determination and the assistance of a mayor and like-minded councillors with similar aspirations

Job? Self-employed property and project manager

29sep-150-andersonTERRI ANDERSON

42, partnered with Gary Burns (too long together to get married now) and kids Oscar, 8, and Zuzu, nearly 3

Years in the Wakatipu: Grew up here then back for one year

Best known for: Irreverent humour, directness, snowboard addiction

Relevant experience: Comms strategy for govt bodies including, currently, MPI and previously EQC. Govt thinktank and community and earthquake comms in Chile. PPP comms in UK

Why me? I represent a different demographic to the usual local council makeup. I’ve learned from other countries and know that there are answers to our issues with the right will

What do you want? The communities that remain here to be strong and valid, the environment to be protected and innovation to flourish. The council to rebuild trust by working better

How will you do it? Advocating for those who are busting a gut with little support. Lobbying hard for govt organisations to understand that yes, we ARE a special case. Improving council transparency

Job? Whatever it takes! Run a comms business, rent out a room, and a sideline IT startup

29sep-150-simonstamers-smithSIMON STAMERS-SMITH

Aged 74, married to Mary, three kids, six grandkids

Years in the Wakatipu: First skied here in 1948. Mary and I and our three kids moved here in 1985. My great, great grandfather Bendix Hallenstein was Queenstown’s second mayor

Best known for: Legal eagle and voice of reason and common sense. I have been involved with many organisations set up to make Queenstown a better place

Relevant experience: I have been on council for six years. I was in legal practice for 50-plus years, 30 of them in Queenstown

Why me? My experience in law, business and community affairs is invaluable. I bring to all areas that experience and my common sense and reason

What do you want? We must limit growth, preserve our areas of outstanding natural beauty and still keep Queenstown the fabulous, fun, adventurous place it is

How will you do it? Preserve our outstanding environment, promote good infrastructure and preserve our town boundaries and keep the place green

Job? Councillor and otherwise retired

29sep-150-marueraTAMATI DANIEL MARUERA


Best known for: Referee (rugby union, rugby league, touch, netball, league, volleyball) and most known for being a down-to-earth good bugger

Relevant experience: I have 10 years’ governance experience as chairman, held high-ranking managerial roles in various fields

Why me? I have the skills, the drive, and the desire to make a positive achievement for our community. I am advocating for the people, the majority who feel like the minority

What do you want? Affordable housing and affordable accommodation, is the defining crisis of my generation. I am here to make a change to this problem

How will you do it? Create and implement an “Independent Accommodation Regulating Authority” to regulate housing. Advocate, lobby and work hard to push for central government to pass legislation.

29sep-150-niki_gladdingNIKI GLADDING

41, I live with my partner Matt and our two children Caitlyn, 8, & Dylan, 6

Years in the Wakatipu: 15 years in Glenorchy

Best known for: Challenging poor process and poor decisions on behalf on the community

Relevant experience: Two years of advocacy, Glenorchy Community Association committee (2014/15), Sustainable Glenorchy Inc. committee (current), and an Environment Court proceeding against council

Why me? Because I have a track record of researching the issues and going in to bat for the community, and because I can do the job full-time

What do you want? For council to regain the communities’ trust and I want informed decision-making that doesn’t externalise social and environmental costs

How will you do it? I’ll push for increased media access, sub-committees with community representation, strategy reviews to ensure consideration of social and environmental costs, training for staff and councillors

Job? Driving track transport, some kayak guiding

29sep-150-clarkPENNY CLARK

65. Family: One son in Christchurch

Years in the Wakatipu: Over 10 years

Best known for: Being a hotelier

Relevant experience: Involvement in Shaping Our Future, creating the vision and presenting issues to council

Why me? Committed to the area and our community and prepared to speak out

What do you want? Retain our small town ambience, create efficient traffic system with somewhere to live

How will you do it? Be part of a team bringing some practical thinking with the wherewithal to fight policy that does not work for our community

Job? Hospitality consultant

29sep-150-john_macdonaldJOHN MACDONALD

58. Family: One daughter Hannah

Years in the Wakatipu: 30 years, on September 27

Best known for: Chairman of Destination Queenstown

Relevant experience: Extensive governance and business experience

Why me? I am a pragmatic, forward thinker, I can work together with a proactive team to get things done. I have vision

What do you want? To be proactive, not reactionary, to get a form of user pays funding, put in place long-term plans to prevent the kind of problems we have now

How will you do it? By working together as a team, lobbying government to secure funding and to protect our environment

Job? I work as an independent chairman, currently for Southern DHB

29sep-150-faulPETER FAUL

55. Family: Wife Jacquie, daughter Rachel, son Brad

Years in the Wakatipu: 30

Best known for: Local businessman

Relevant experience: Five years a trustee on Events Centre trust, director four years at Lakes Leisure and chairman in fifth. Several independent directorships, in business 30 years. Supported sports and community groups

Why me? I have the ability and time to put in to the role. It would be great to contribute back to the community that has been good to me and my family more directly

What do you want? I want to see Queenstown with a very clear vision of where it is heading, based on what the community wants it to look like in 30 years

How will you do it? Brainstorm with the community and some amazing individuals to explore the possibilities, develop an implementation plan with clear milestones and get on with the job

Job? Managing director of Advantage 2010 Ltd

29sep-150-craig_fergusonCRAIG ‘FERG’ FERGUSON

58. Family: Wife Jo and two daughters

Years in the Wakatipu: 29

Best known for: Being me

Relevant experience: First-term councillor

Why me? Continuity crucial

What do you want? A liveable, functional region

How will you do it? Team, listen, make the right decisions

Job? Talk and listen. In both jobs

29sep-150-alexa_forbesALEXA FORBES

56. Family: Partner Sean Drader, son Solomon Drader, 18

Years in the Wakatipu: 30

Best known for: Radio journalism, public relations, sustainable practice

Relevant experience: Councillor for past three years, rich and deep community connections

Why me? Why not?

What do you want? To find ways to drive a stronger community and improved environment

How will you do it? It’s not a job one person can do. As a community we need to figure what we want to spend on delivering our vision as outlined in the strategic directions chapter of the district plan

Job? Sustainable practice lecturer, Otago Polytechnic. Director, Scope Media

29sep-150-merv_aoakeMERV AOAKE

Oldest, wife Maree, daughter Ana, 27, son James, 25, and Dawdle dog

Years in the Wakatipu: 24

Best known for: Working with youth and families both professionally and as a coach, support or helper

Relevant experience: Sitting councillor

Why me? Common sense, to keep community in the chamber, to be an alternative voice

What do you want? What we have and more, coupled with sustainability and sensitivity for our environs

How will you do it? Voting for plans and programmes that will help our communities achieve their goals

Job? Community support worker for Jigsaw Central Lakes

29sep-150-michael_ramsayMICHAEL RAMSAY

Years in the Wakatipu: 30. Been visiting Lakes district since the 1950s. Family connections almost 100 years

Best known for: Knowledge of real estate. A partner in a real estate company. Wrote real estate column in Mountain Scene

Relevant experience: Experience with leading people and producing team results with fixed deadlines. Knowledge in forestry (I own my own). Good writing skills

Why me? I got tired of watching our town get less and less enjoyable to live in. I wanted to do something about it

What do you want? I want more parking, improved roads and intersections, affordable apartments for people to live, central government to stop exploiting our town through taxation

How will you do it? Central government must move faster on allowing a visitor tax. The challenge is to levy this fairly

Job? Writing FREE column for the Mountain Scene (Ed: Not while you’re campaigning you don’t!). Manage property

29sep-150-val_millerVAL MILLER

58. Children Charles, 26, and Harriet, 25

Years in the Wakatipu: 34

Best known for: Being a GP

Relevant experience: Involved with committees and working groups to keep the hospital and health services running. Developing and building medical centre teams. Real estate management

Why me? I understand the things that build a healthy community. And I’m very good at working in a team situation

What do you want? A healthy balance between community values and tourism. A proactive council instead of reactive

How will you do it? By looking at the big picture instead of small things