Queenstown commercial maintenance plumber Alan Wharton’s won a prestigious industry award.

He’s pictured late last month after accepting the James Douglas Medallion for newly-qualified tradespersons at the New Zealand Plumbing Awards in Blenheim.

Wharton recently completed his Masterlink apprenticeship at Flints Plumbing, stepping into a senior role late in the third year of his apprenticeship.

‘‘Alan has exceeded our expectations in all aspects of this challenging role,’’ Flints Plumbing owner Andy Langford says.

He’d also led the team in raising awareness around depression and mental health.

During his apprenticeship, Wharton also won Southern Institute of Technology and Master Plumbers apprentice awards and won the 2020 Plumbing World scholarship.

With this latest award he wins $500 cash and a $2500 Skills NZ career development scholarship.