Nut-cracker action in Christmas fairy tale


This twinkle-toed little lot are set to be the surprise hit at the Remarkable Christmas Spectacular concert.

But the tutu-wearing fellas from Queenstown’s newest ballet troupe expect the crowd to duck for cover when they make their big stage entrance at the Events Centre on Sunday.

“The audience might be frightened by the noise while we’re warming up,” says dancer Brendan Quill. “But I’d like to assure everyone it won’t be thunder – it’s just that we’re like little elephants on our feet.”

The 11 brave blokes from the newly-formed Remarkables Ballet Company have been rehearsing hard for weeks for their spot in the show, which this year has a Santa’s Workshop theme.

And it hasn’t been easy for them to squeeze into their fetching little outfits.

“These are some very big men – they’re no strangers to their knives and forks,” explains local real estate agent Quill. “We’ve had to put some heavy-duty velcro into the tutus to encase the man-boobs and the bellies.

“Some extra-strength sewing has also been going on behind the scenes.”

Although aiming for laughs, Quill claims he and the rest of the ballet boys are treating the performance as no joke.

“This is concentration-plus and the routines can’t just be done in front of the mirror at home,” he says. “Some of the lads have even been shaving their legs. It’s serious stuff.”

He adds: “The local physios have been doing well out of it too as we’ve had a few unfortunate injuries while the guys have been practicing pirouettes and leaping through the air.”

But Queenstown’s very own Sugar Plum Fairies promise to minimise the shock factor for the crowd by sporting sensible underwear.

“We’ll all be wearing a lovely white Y-front on the night,” says Quill. “Local stores are already selling out of their XXL stock.”