Hard as candy: Remarkable Sweet Shop's Kyoko Hirst has been chief fudge chef for 14 years


A trainee fudge chef sounds like a job you might get at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, but the role’s being advertised in Arrowtown.

The internationally-renowned Remarkable Sweet Shop’s chief fudge chef, Kyoko Hirst, has been there for 14 years and counting.

Originally from Japan, Hirst makes fudge to supply three shops, and according to marketing director Lucy Hunt is ‘‘arguably one of the best and highest-volume single-handed fudge chefs in the world’’.

But with increasing volume requirements and needing time off, Hirst’s keen to take on an apprentice and knead in her 14 years of knowledge.

When asked what it takes to make a career out of fudge, Hunt acknowledges it’s a niche undertaking.

‘‘There’s the creative element in how you present the fudge — all the magic of the swirls, the different flavours, and the layering and all that sort of thing — but it’s also quite physically demanding,’’ Hunt says.

‘‘You’ve got to be able to think on your feet and be pretty good at maths and calculating and planning … you [might] make one big batch of chocolate fudge that’s going to go across four different flavours and the 12 different trays of such.’’

Hunt says the business would be lost without Hirst and hopes her protege can carry the torch into the future.

‘‘It’s probably quite a good time just to train somebody now so come the busy time there’ll be two sets of hands [in the kitchen] in stead of one.’’