Nice coffee necklace is yours


Stunned Queenstown barista Emma Rout got lucky last Thursday – a total stranger gave her this $900 opal necklace, no strings attached.

After serving coffee to a visiting American at Motogrill, Rout says, the man just popped outside and returned to present her with an unwrapped box.

“It’s a very long story”, he told her, leaving again before she could thank him for the black opal and 18 carat gold pendant.

“I was pretty stunned.”

Regular coffee customer Beau Rapley from The Opal Centre then came in and asked, “So who got the necklace?”

Rapley says the American had earlier visited his shop, explaining that was where he’d bought the opal necklace five years ago for his then-girlfriend – who ditched him before he could give it to her.

The mystery man sought Rapley’s advice on what to do with the jewellery before suddenly announcing he’d go to Starbucks and give it to the first girl who served him.

No, said Rapley, go to Motogrill instead.

Rout says she’s still wondering what to do with her windfall.