'Concerning development': Plans for a Homestead Bay marina


Queenstown’s windsport club’s warning any buyer of Homestead Bay they’ll have a fight
on their hands if they dust off plans for a marina.

Mountain Scene last week revealed a 190.68-hectare block between Jack’s Point and Lakeside Estates has just gone on the market, and that a marina’s been included in masterplanning for part of the site adjoining Lake Whakatipu.

Southern Lakes Wind Riders Club commodore Sue Bradley says Homestead Bay’s the safest spot on the lake for windsurfers, kiters and wing foilers, and in recent times the beach has become a locals’ favourite.

She says kiting hero, last year’s big air world champ Marc Jacobs, who recently gave spectators an awesome aerial display, called it a world-class spot for his sport.

‘World-class spot’: World Big Air kiting champion Marc Jacobs pictured in action on Lake Whakatipu, near Homestead Bay

‘‘Unfortunately, a marina, with its associated structures, located in the downwind safety corner, as has been mooted, would make this venue unsailable for most.’’

Local enthusiast Chris Streat confirms a marina would make this area unsafe for kiting and windsurfing.

‘‘[It’s] not safe to get washed up onto a concrete marina in shoulder-high waves with 20 knots blowing.’’

Local Bayleys agent Chris Campbell, who’s marketing Homestead Bay, says ‘‘I’m sure any future development by the new owners will take into consideration the existing leisure water sports that currently operate freely from the Homestead Bay beach’’.

‘‘The protection and use of the beach for all parties, I’m sure, will be part of the new owners’ vision.’’