Teen fronts protest against court ruling

In solidarity: Queenstown teen Hannah Kavanagh is organising a protest for women's reproductive rights

One Wakatipu High student is using her school holidays to organise a protest for women’s
reproductive rights.

Hannah Kavanagh, 18, says she was motivated to act after reading about the United States
Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs Wade, a landmark ruling establishing the consititutional right to an abortion.

‘‘I just feel deeply for all those women that have lost their human rights,’’ Hannah says.

‘‘A foetus has more rights than them, and I just thought that was devastating.’’

Hannah wants to use the protest to raise awareness about women’s rights in general, while also encouraging people to think about how safe New Zealand’s abortion practices are.

‘‘I just think it’s important that we show support because even though it doesn’t really affect us here in NZ, it still affects women … The least I can do is show support, show
that they are being heard from across the globe.’’

Hannah was also motivated by seeing other protests organised around the country, and felt with the number of tourists around at present, Queenstown would be a good place to be noticed.

She’s had ‘‘quite a lot’’ of interest from people of all ages, but especially from women her age.

Hannah’s hoping for a peaceful protest, but isn’t sure how people will react.

‘‘It is a very risky thing … other people who may have differing opinions, they may be angry … I don’t really know what to expect but I do believe that there will be a decent

The protest’s happen ing on July 28, from 4.30pm, at Frankton’s BP roundabout — Hannah
encourages people to make and bring their own signs.

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