Another gondola, this one running parallel to Shotover Bridge, and a new hospital, are two new ideas contained in the Frankton Masterplan discussed yesterday by City Hall.

Released on Monday, the document details a council spend of $83 million to redevelopFrankton and improve transport to and from Queenstown.

An overbridge, dubbed the ‘Lake Link Bridge’, comes with an estimated price tag of $16m.

It’s proposed to provide pedestrian access from Frankton to the shore of Lake Wakatipu, over State Highway 6A.

The council says that’ll enable an ‘‘active travel network’’, reduce road traffic and strengthen Frankton’s character.

It’s listed as a medium-term goal of the strategy, but it’s construction’s linked with a possible relocation of Lakes District Hospital.

City Hall has no firm plans, but says in the short term it’ll be exploring options for a hospital ‘‘outside the airport noise contours’’.

A council spokesman says: ‘‘Relocation would likely be timed with any change to the airport or construction of the Lake Link.’’

Southern District Health Board couldn’t respond to Mountain Scene inquiries by deadline.

The masterplan, put together by Boffa Miskell at a cost of $840,000, also includes an outline plan for two gondolas.

One is the long-mooted proposal by Remarkables Park developer Alastair Porter between his shopping centre, Remarks skifield and Lake Hayes Estate.

The second is more mysterious, only appearing in the masterplan as a dashed purple line on maps.

City Hall will only say it’s the route for ‘‘a possible future gondola line’’.

At one end the gondola is shown crossing the Shotover River south of the existing vehicle bridge, and at the other it heads towards Queenstown Hill.

Scene asked for further details but none were provided.

In 2018, a gondola between the CBD, Queenstown Hill and the airport was floated, but nothing’s been formally discussed since then.