Moving memorial to McGazza

Legend restoration: Paul 'Pang' Angus and Tim Ceci with Kelly 'McGazza' McGarry's bike

Kelly McGarry’s most famous set of wheels is on the move.

His Diamondback DB4L downhill bike used to pull off a backflip over a 22-metre canyon at the 2013 Red Bull Rampage in the United States has been rebuilt.

Paul ‘Pang’ Angus, co-owner of Vertigo Bikes, who’s restored it, says it’ll be hoisted as a memorial on Atlas Beer Cafe’s wall.

Known by those in the Queenstown biking fraternity as ‘McGazza’, McGarry died in February this year, leaving the local community in shock.

It’s been an emotional project for Angus, but he says it’s been worth every second.

“He was a big part of it [mountain biking community] and we are lucky he decided to call Queenstown home.

“He’d come back for all the fun local races – he never thought he was too big a deal to hang out with everyone else.”

McGarry’s Rampage trick – viewed on YouTube more than 30 million times – cemented his name in the mountain bike world.

He dismantled the bike after the jump, so restoring it wasn’t easy – but Angus had a photo to double-check.

“It has taken a while to track down who had all the parts. I’d say it’s not the exact bike, but about 70 per cent of what was on the bike originally.”

Atlas was a favourite watering hole for McGarry and still is for many bikers.