Mongolia here we come

Team: Donny McPherson, left, and Brent Edgerton

Ron ‘Burgundy’ is about to take on 16,000km, and it’s kind of a big deal.

But unlike its Anchorman namesake, this one has four wheels.

The burgundy-coloured Nissan Micra will cart three Wakatipu mates, Brent Edgerton, Simon Hampton, and Donny McPherson, from London on July 14, through Asia, to Ulan Ude in Russia as they tackle the world-famous Mongol Rally.

Sweet wheels: Ron Burgundy, the Nissan Micra

The rules are simple – the car can only be 1000cc, it must cost less than you have to raise at least charity.

McPherson says it was Hampton’s idea to do the rally, but as he doesn’t drive, the other two were roped in.

Luckily for the trio, given the long haul, McPherson’s a mechanic. He’s also the self-described ‘dad’ of the group.

Edgerton reckons the toughest part of the rally will be “putting up with each other” over the six weeks.

McPherson says they were all “a bit apprehensive” to start with.

“There have been points where each of us has gone ‘screw this’.”

He agrees their friendship might be put to the test over the huge trip.

“We’ll probably hate each other after it, but there’ll definitely be a debrief at The Pig and Whistle a few weeks later.”

They’re doing the rally to raise funds for anti-deforestation charity Cool Earth and Harry Finch, a Dunedin pre-schooler with cerebral palsy. Edgerton went to school with Harry’s mum, Bex.

The team has already raised more than $3000 of their $10,000 charity goal. You can donate to the team at