Mirror ball miracle


The disco lives on at Luma following the return of three mirror balls nicked by “dickhead” thieves.

The three mirror balls, part of an exhibit, were stolen during Queenstown’s Queen’s Birthday Weekend festival.

But, several weeks later, it appears a blast from festival chairman Duncan Forsyth has done the trick.

The first mirror ball was dropped off at the Gorge Road council offices about a week ago, and now the other two have also found their way home.

Forsyth, who initially slammed the thieves as “dickheads” and “mongrels”, is feeling much happier now.

“We’ve all had our dickhead moments in the past, the question is what you do afterwards?

“Good on them.”

He’d previously said the trust behind the festival had to fork out between $600-$800 to replace the items.

The mirror balls were on loan, so the cost of replacing them had to come out of donations people made to the festival.

But Forsyth says now the items have been returned, the trust won’t be left out of pocket.