Men’s drop-in space



A men’s drop-in centre is starting up in Queenstown.
Starting this week, it’ll run every Tuesday, 4pm till 9pm, in the family room of Frankton’s Joe’s Garage cafe until at least the end of the year.
Queenstowner Matthew Hawke, who runs a men’s support group, has had the idea in mind
for a couple of years.
He says it’s ‘‘a chance to be with other men, find out what support is available, and what other men are doing in our community’’.
‘‘We want to reach as many of our men’s communities as we can — those struggling in their business to stay afloat, immigrants who feel marginalised, and anyone in between.
‘‘We all have our struggles, and when we do it alone it’s that much harder.’’
Hawke says he’d welcome financial support for ongoing promotion, and to provide snacks or drinks to any participant who’s cash-strapped.
He’ll be present every evening but volunteers who want to help out are welcome, too.
Hawke says one key message he’d like men to understand is that feeling vulnerable doesn’t equate to weakness.
He can be contacted at