Buoyed by his winnings: Lucky Queenstown harbourmaster Marty Black on duty in Lake Wakatipu last Saturday


To call Queenstown’s veteran harbourmaster Marty Black a jammy individual is an understatement.

Almost four years afterwinning a cool half millondollars in a Lotto draw, two weeks ago he won $333,000 after three players shared the top first division prize of $1 million.

Black, 74, says he bought the ticket from Queenstown’s Pak’nSave, then, while on his way to his North Canterbury holiday home, his partner popped into Geraldine’s FreshChoice, where she found the ticket had won four bonus lines.

‘‘Just by sheer luck, it ended up as a winner.’’

But he didn’t find out till almost a week later, when checking his ticket at a Cheviot Lotto outlet.

‘‘I was over the bloody moon.

‘‘They say [one Lotto win] is like a pink pig flying past, well, I caught the pig twice.’’

He’s heard the chance of winning Lotto twice is one in 30 million.

Black says he’ll put his latest winnings in the bank ‘‘and carry on’’.

So how does he explain his excessive amount of good luck?

‘‘Must be the good clean living,’’ he says, chuckling.

Black says he’s been buying Lotto tickets ‘‘forever’’.

‘‘I’ve probably spent $50,000 or $60,000, who knows?’’

But despite his lucky streak, the harbourmaster — who’s patrolled local waterways for 35
summers — does confess he had a recent bit of bad luck.

He was standing by the confluence of the local Kawarau and Shotover Rivers when, while distracted by phone calls, his jetski drifted about 100 metres down the Kawarau.

‘‘I stuffed up,’’ he admits.

Rather than swim for it, he called jetboat operator KJet for help, but before it needed to respond, he hopped on a passing jetboat and retrieved it.

‘‘Shit happens — it just shows you how things can go wrong in boating.

‘‘It doesn’t matter who it is, you always need a Plan B.’’