With apologies to Paul Simon, you know the nearer you are to Queenstown’s Country Lane destination, the more you’re slip slidin’ away.

Local Emily Rutherford, who runs Cromwell’s popular waterpark, opens her Kiwi Slip ‘N Slide attraction on a hill above the Frankton precinct at 11am tomorrow.

Her nephew George Rutherford, 15, is pictured whetting his appetite for it early this week.

Emily’s installed a giant 120m slide, a 60m one and a giant bouncy castle.

Patrons get an hour’s unlimited use, with or without a tube to sit on, for $30.

‘‘We’re dramatically limiting numbers per hour so we don’t overcrowd and people don’t have to wait in a long line,’’ Emily says.

It’s $15 for kids six and under, though they can only use the smaller slide — and the bouncy castle.

Slip ‘N Slide will run daily from 11am till 6pm, with potentially adults-only use after that, and remain open till at least March.

Local MP Joseph Mooney and mayor Glyn Lewers will both make a splash, or not, at tomorrow’s opening.

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