Carrying half her body weight up the Sky Tower is considered a ‘‘luxury’’ by Tanya Stone.

Stone, 34, is one of 12 from the Queenstown volunteer fire brigade participating in tomorrow’s Firefighter Sky Tower Challenge in Auckland.

Now in its 20th year, fireys climb the 51 stairs in full firefighting kit to raise money for Leukaemia and Blood Cancer NZ.

The gear includes 25kg of breathing apparatus — Stone weighs just 50kg.

‘‘I have the means to run up the Sky Tower and not everyone has that luxury,’’ she says.

‘‘It’s weird to call it ‘a luxury’, but I think a lot of people would rather run up the Sky Tower than go through cancer.’’

Leukaemia and blood cancer is a charity that hits close to home for Stone.

Several members of her close family have had to fight cancer, motivating her to enter the challenge for the past three years.

‘‘The ‘big C’ affects so many people, it destroys lives.

‘‘Participating year upon year is a way I can show my support for others.’’

Training for the challenge for the past three months, Stone’s dedicated her Sundays to doing the Tiki Trail in full gear, and climbing the steps of the Man St carpark 25 times on Thursdays.

‘‘I have definitely become stronger, the heat is the biggest challenge when I’m wearing all the gear.’’

Smashing her original fund raising target of $1111, Stone’s new fundraising goal is $1500 — by Thursday morning, she was just $70 off that.

To donate, visit

[email protected]

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