Nappy banking

Saving waste: Michelle Green and her son Thomas, 4, show off a reusable nappy, part of the Glenorchy Reusable Nappy Bank

The Glenorchy Reusable Nappy Bank’s soon to triple its stock of reusable nappies for community distribution, aiming to minimise waste.

The bank’s just received $2000 from Queenstown council’s waste minimisation funding pool, and another $2000 from Glenorchy Community Trust.

‘‘[I feel] really fortunate,’’ Glenorchy mum Michelle Green says.

‘‘I was starting to think about what I was going to have to do this year to fundraise … to get another pack up and running — without having to do all the fundraising — and just being able to concentrate on getting more out into the community is really good.’’

The nappy bank started last year after Green bought four packs of 20 reusable nappies,
funded by proceeds from a quiz night.

She uses reusable nappies for her children and noted how expensive they were when she went to order more.

‘‘I thought it’s a shame that people might get turned [off] because they’re so expensive,’’
she says.

The recent funding means that another eight packs can be added to the bank, which should
last about three years.

Families can borrow the nappy packs for as long as they need, and once they’re done with them, they can return them to the bank for another family to use.

Green says even just using reusables during the day can significantly reduce waste.

‘‘I’m very much of the mind set that any little movement we do is going to help, and I don’t
think I’m a ‘greenie’ at all.’’

Switching to reusables doesn’t involve too much extra hassle, she says, estimating she might do an extra load of washing every third day and ‘‘you’re dealing with crappy nappies
anyway, there’s no way around that’’.

Any GY families interested in using the nappy bank can call Green on 027 849 7453.

[email protected]

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