Luma to shine even brighter

New partnership: Skyline boss Wayne Rose at Queenstown Gardens, the home of Luma

A major Luma exhibition will light up the night in Auckland, thanks to a funding boost.

And SILO’s Simon Holden says the new partnership could be the catalyst for Queenstown work to be displayed overseas.

Bright Nights, an Auckland-based light festival, has paid for a portion of the elements used to create a piece that will be exhibited both there and at Luma.

That’s allowed the SILO team to create something “much bigger”, Holden says.

“This year we just got a little more ambitious; we’ve got something quite significant.”

That piece is called ‘Trilogy’, which Holden describes as three pillars of light, about three metres tall.

The entire front of each side’s reactive to touch, meaning people can create different light patterns.

It’s also being backed by new Luma sponsor, Skyline, which’ll sponsor installations in the Gardens and at its gondola complex.

Company boss, Wayne Rose, says they’re “thrilled” to be on board.

Meanwhile Queenstown Air-port’s also back as an installation partner after having a year away.

Holden says with local light artists increasingly “on the map”, new funding partnerships like the one with Bright Nights could pop up in places such as Australia.

“The sky’s the limit. There’s big international demand for interesting light sculptures.”

Luma’s being held at Queen’s Birthday Weekend.