Going to battle: HackOff competitors, top, from left, Team Queenstown, Alvaro Morales, Ainsley Rose Thompson and Matteo Lauricella, and bottom, from left, Team Wānaka, Evelyn Vallillee, Sam Cooper and Deen- Marie Burtenshaw

Queenstown’s KiwiHarvest food rescue charity is hoping to go viral.

Branch manager Gary Hough’s just launched ‘HackOff’, a Queenstown v Wānaka campaign, light-heartedly pitting different chefs from each side of the hill against each other to devise recipes to reduce domestic food waste.

Hough says the campaign has been made possible by funding from Queenstown council’s Waste Minimisation Fund and aims to help KiwiHarvest play a leading role in creating long-term behavioural change to reduce the amount of household food waste, and enable people to save money.

‘‘We obviously do our bit with commercial food waste, but household food waste is the biggest source of food to landfill.

‘‘That ties in with the cost of living and now generations have lost all the skills in terms of maximising the food they already have — this was just a fun way to reintroduce how to preserve and make the most of the food you have that you might throw away.’’

There are six two-minute videos loaded online — people can vote for their favourite, to determine who the HackOff champion will be.

And if they enter their email address, they’ll receive a free ebook, with hacks and recipes.

Everyone who downloads a booklet also goes in the draw to win a Mooch hamper.

To get involved, visit kiwiharvest.org.nz/hackoff

[email protected]

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