Those with an a penchant for being backstage may be interested in snapping up a creative role in Showbiz Queenstown’s rendition of Little Shop of Horrors, which will open in the resort next May.

Showbiz has put a call out for a director, choreographer and musical director to bring their own flavour to the classic musical.

‘‘We do want creative individuals with enough of a vision to bring their own sort of approach to putting the show on stage,’’ Showbiz Queenstown committee member Andy Bell says.

‘‘We have the freedom with a show that’s a bit older, like Little Shop to sort of make it our own, to put a different spin on it, so
we’re really hoping that we get some interest come out, whether that’s from Queenstown or a little bit further afield,’’ he says.

Little Shop of Horrors is a musical that’s been on and off-Broadway for about 40 years.

Based on the 1960 film, The Little Shop of Horrors, the musical is a black comedy following the story of florists, Seymour and Audrey, who discover a sentient carnivorous plant that feeds on human blood.

It’s a chance to do something different for Showbiz Queenstown whose last two shows were Legally Blonde and School of Rock.

‘‘The past two years have been big successes for Showbiz and we’re just so grateful for the community coming out and supporting us in the last couple of years, especially given that we’ve just been through two years of uncertainty,’’ Bell says.

‘‘We’re optimistic that we will be putting a nice fresh spin on Little Shop and still hopefully pulling in the same audiences.’’

For the 2023 season, Showbiz is also keen to spotlight some of the volunteer roles available, in areas like set building, costumes,
lighting and props.

‘‘We want to streamline those areas of the show … it’s just as important to our organisation that we sort of nurture the skills that perhaps often … go, sort of, under appreciated behind the scenes.’’

Bell says since putting the call out for the three major creative roles, they’ve had a ‘‘couple’’ of expressions of interest, and are
encouraging more people to put their hand up before the August 31 closing date.

Anyone interested should visit

[email protected]

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