Over the past year or so, Queenstown’s been hosting a remarkable project.

To celebrate New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) Week, which starts May 8, and raise money for Deaf Aotearoa, a film crew from across the country’s created a short film using music and NZSL — no dialogue — premiering at Sherwood next Friday at 7pm.

For the Love is the product of Rob Romero Films, filmed and produced in Queenstown and Kingston, with a focus on integration and communicating through barriers.

It’s intended as a cinematic piece and promo material for Deaf Aotearoa and NZSL Week.

The film stars Dunedin couple Rob and Michelle Sinclair, who are both deaf.

Michelle, a facilitator for Deaf Aotearoa’s children and youth team, says her husband was ‘‘nervous about being involved, as he didn’t want to make a mistake … [but] the cast and crew were amazing, they were so patient [and] used different ways to communicate’’.

Though there wasn’t an interpreter on set, Michelle says she taught everyone basic sign language and they were all keen to
work together.

‘‘They learned about our deaf culture … they taught us about acting.

‘‘We got through it together.’’

Producer and production manager Nadia Insolia says producing a film without dialogue is ‘‘thrilling’’, and the end result’s a ‘‘nostalgic piece which transports [the audience] back to the feeling of young love, butterflies and romance with a wholesome storyline’’.

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