Clubbing together: Retiring Queenstown Mini Golf lessee Nola Pratt and landlord Graham Wilkinson and pairing up for a fundraiser


Queenstown Mini Golf’s reopening for one last week, at reduced rates, with all admission money helping those affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

Owner Nola Pratt had been going to pull the pin last month, after 27 years in business, but packed up early when the lockdown happened.

Now, in cahoots with her landlord Graham Wilkinson, she’s reopening for seven days, from Saturday, to let locals say their farewells and to raise money for the Wakatipu Greatest Needs Fund, which is helping migrants who’ve lost their jobs.

Opening hours will be 10am till 5.30pm, with children charged $5, adults $10 and families $20.

“While it is time for me to move on and I know the site will be redeveloped some day, I thought it was a great idea of Graham’s to open for one last week to give locals some inexpensive fun and help raise funds,” Pratt says.

Wilkinson, who’s owned the Brecon Street site since 2007, has plans for a 442-room hotel but is reassessing them in light of the new economic conditions.