Lake snot in homes raises water quality fears


Lake goo is now clogging the water filters of Queenstown homes.

As reported in Mountain Scene in July, lake snot was initially spotted in a couple of local hotels.

But now there have been reports of algae build-ups in two residential properties.

Council chief engineer Ulrich Glasner says it’s not a health concern – but folk may notice a drop in water pressure.

He stops short of saying Queenstowners need to get on the blower to a plumber.

But locals should be aware of the situation in case they need to get filters cleaned.

“It’s a preventative measure.”

While only recently discovered in Lake Wakatipu, lake snot has been common over the hill in Wanaka for several years.

City Hall has prepared a snot info sheet, to be jettisoned onto social media today.

Glasner’s team is working with Otago Regional Council to learn more about what causes the green goo and what treatments are available.

Water quality emerged as an election issue during the local body campaign.

Newbie mayor Jim Boult says he discussed it with Minister Nick Smith before taking up the official City Hall role. Smith welcomed applications under the new fresh water quality fund, initially to finance research into local lake water quality issues.

Boult’s aim is to find some “fixes” in the next three years.