'Pissed off': City Hall's confirmed it didn't talk to the Queenstown Windsurf and Kitesurf Club before blocking off access to a site they've used for years


A new walkway near the One Mile roundabout, dubbed the ‘path to nowhere’ by a local sports club, is a necessary traffic safety measure, Queenstown’s
council says.

But Queenstown Windsurf and Kitesurf Club commodore Sue Bradley’s accusing the council of being ‘‘arrogant’’ for ignoring the club’s complaint, and says members would’ve been willing to discuss other solutions if only they’d been asked.

The club’s 50 or so members are ‘‘pissed off’’ because the walkway stops them accessing a site they’ve used for decades to park and rig up their gear, Bradley says.

‘‘We think it’s just outrageous they haven’t consulted us.’’

The walkway, and a row of bollards that separates it from the Glenorchy-Queenstown road, extends for about 100 metres from the roundabout.

Council media man Jack Barlow confirms it hasn’t talked to the club, but says the walkway and bollards are ‘‘much-needed safety improvements’’ designed to stop people parking there.

‘‘Vehicles were previously parking on the gravel track — this forced pedestrians to walk on the road to go around them.

‘‘Vehicles were also undertaking unsafe manoeuvres, such as reversing and making U-turns, while parking their cars in the live lane on a high-speed road.’’

Bradley says she made a request for service to the council on October 19, but still hasn’t had a response.

She understands the traffic safety issues, but believes there’re ‘‘other ways around that’’.

Stopping club members from using the site has created a new safety issue, because in certain wind conditions it’s the safest place on the lake to launch
windsurfers and kites.

‘‘We will now have to sail from places that are less safe.’’