Queenstown-founded national charity Heads Up For Kids is July’s ‘charity of the month’ at the resort’s Fresh Choice supermarket.

Founder Simon Hayes, left, is pictured receiving a donation from FreshChoice owner-operator Tony Wild.

Launched in 2010, the Lions Clubs New Zealand-organised charity collects obsolete old decimal and pre-decimal NZ currency, alongside foreign currency.

‘‘It started off as demonetarised NZ money but now about a third of what comes in is  foreign money,’’ Hayes says.

The money’s then redeemed for NZ dollars which are used on education programmes for young Kiwis who’d otherwise not get the opportunity.

So far the charity’s raised almost $1m.

‘‘We’re hoping we can push it over that,’’ Wild says.

Joining all other NZ FreshChoice and SuperValue supermarkets, his store will have four collection tins dotted around it next month.