Gearing up: From left, local Ride4Freedom organisers Vanessa Campos, Iraja Max, Ana Meneghetti, Eloisa Almeida and Henrique Waihrich


Queenstown Jazz Orchestra’s playing a concert this Saturday as part of a larger ‘Ride4Freedom’ fundraiser to protect Nepalese girls from sex trafficking.

Former locals Tania and Joao Petreceli last week set off to bike the length of New Zealand to raise almost $90,000 for a desperately-needed school in Nepal.

Their aim’s to get a school built in the mountainous regions to protect young girls from sex-trafficking predators.

Education’s seen as the key to saving them and their families.

The Petrecelis sare NZ residents who immigrated from Brazil in 2013 and now live in Auckland.

They’re biking from north to south and are expected to reach Bluff, via Queenstown, in the second half of next month.

Meanwhile, local Ride4Freedom organisers are holding a jazz concert at St
Andrew’s Presbyterian Church today at 2pm.

Queenstown Jazz Orchestra’s playing a two-hour set featuring its big band with vocals.

They’re playing music from the big-band era of Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra, as well as tunes rearranged and performed by the likes of Michael Buble and Diana Krall.

Entry’s free but donations are welcomed.

People can also contribute via the website,