It’s a bulb planting bonanza



About 7000 daffodil bulbs will be planted in Lake Hayes Estate’s Nerin Square at community working bees over the next two Sundays.

The community initiative has crowdfunded about $1500 to buy the first batch, which is being bolstered by about 2000 bulbs from a garden in Cromwell.

Organiser Debbie Townsend says Queenstown’s council has modified the original planting scheme for the square, which had eight beds of flowers around its edge, to leave space for its ‘‘low-mow’’ plans.

The bulbs will now be planted in the square’s four corners, starting with the one nearest The Hayes.

Townsend expects that once residents see flowers popping up, the project will gain increasing momentum.

‘‘I think what’s going to happen is when they see the daffodils, and how it’s going to look,
then they will want more, and give more daffodils.’’

She asks those coming to bring a gold coin for the Cancer Society as well as planting tools.

Both events run from 10am till noon.