Pursuing her passion: Art therapist Jenna Welsh-O'Hare


Art therapy’s being put to use to help improve the wellbeing of Queenstown’s elderly, in particular, and those with physical and learning disabilities.

Jenna Welsh-O’Hare, who believes she’s the only local offering the service, is convinced art therapy has massive mental and physical benefits.

It’s ‘‘a creative expression that enhances brain function and wellbeing’’.

‘‘It is a great opportunity to create something without expectations or pressure — you don’t need specific skills or experience with materials to enjoy art therapy.’’

She says it’s all about the process, ‘‘not the product you’re producing at the end’’.

Previously, Welsh-O’Hare ran art, speech and language therapy programmes in the UK in group and one-on-one sessions.

She arrived in New Zealand in 2017 and worked for Queenstown Medical Centre for almost three years as a healthcare assistant before leaving to pursue her passion.

‘‘The response has been incredible here,” she says.

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