More hands wanted: Lakes Hayes Show president Phillip Bunn, outgoing secretary Marlia Marais and committee members Peter Witton and Pip Norton


Six new volunteers are being sought to help run the 107th annual Lake Hayes A&P Show
in January.

While the show committee already has about 10 members, more pairs of hands are needed
to help take care of such things as carparking, the trade exhibits, the arts and craft exhibition and the show jumping.

Lake County A&P Society president Phillip Bunn says the commitment is generally for the day of the show and a day either side.

‘‘There are quite a few different jobs you could look at doing, depending on what you want to do.

‘‘You can do as much or as little as you want really.

‘‘A lot of people come on and just want to help out on the [show] day for a start.

‘‘Then after they’ve done that for a year or two, and start to know what’s going on, they
get more involved.’’

Bunn has been involved for 20 years and is into his second term as president.

‘‘You get to meet a lot of people.

‘‘It’s just a real social way of meeting local people because it’s such a big local event.’’

Bunn says anyone interested can make contact via the society’s webpage prior to the
annual meeting tonight.

Despite ever-increasing costs, the society is in good financial shape, and apart from
the need for more volunteers, its only other issue is finding a new secretary to replace Marlia Marais, who is leaving due to work commitments.

‘‘There is an honorarium, although you are not going to make your fortune out of it.’’