Speed merchant: Eddie Masters in action in Rotorua in 2017. PICTURE: JAMES ALLAN PHOTOGRAPHY


He was walking ‘‘like a T-Rex’’ for days after his hotel room half marathon
last Saturday, but Queenstown pro mountain biker Eddie Masters is rapt
about raising more than $25,000 for charity.

The 31-year-old downhill racer, who took on the challenge in his Auckland
quarantine hotel room last Saturday with fellow pros Brook MacDonald, Charlie Murray and Anton Cooper, took two-and-a-half hours to run the five-metre length of his room 4220 times.

He says he started suffering from about the 13km mark, despite taking 30-second breaks every 5km to have a drink and tell livestream viewers ‘‘how shit it was’’.

‘‘I wasn’t really walking right until [Tuesday] — my joints were sore from so many turns.’’

He also got ‘‘double tennis elbow’’ from pushing off from the walls at each end of the room.

‘‘I was like a T-Rex.

‘‘I was hobbling and I couldn’t straighten my arms.’’

The foursome initially hoped to crowdfund $5000 for Christchurch’s Burwood Spinal Unit and the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

They were stoked to have ‘‘blown that out of the water’’.

‘‘The response has been amazing.

‘‘It was nice to use the time in quarantine for something productive.’’

He got out of his Auckland quarantine hotel yesterday, and shot down
to New Plymouth, catching up with his folks before he heads back to his Queenstown pad today.

He’ll be back into training after Christmas to prepare for the national summer series starting in January, and the start of the international season
in April, he says.