Home D for local P supplier


A Queenstown meth addict’s been sentenced to nine months’ home detention for offering to sell the class A drug, and possessing it for supply.

He’s also been ordered to pay his ex-landlords $4250, largely to recover the costs for meth testing and cleaning their near-new property.

Builder Greg Marsden, 33, was booted from his Bridesdale Farm rental, where he’d lived since June last year, after he was arrested in May.

In Queenstown’s court last Monday, Judge Bernadette Farnan said Marsden had battled his addiction for 13 years.

Between March 12 and April 7 this year he offered, via texts, to supply various quantities of meth to numerous associates — texts detailed the quantities, price, payment details and arrangements to meet at various
locations around the resort.

When the cops searched his rental pad they found a ziplock bag in his trackpants containing 5.68g of a substance believed to be P, and five more in his bedroom.

They contained a total of 8.93g.

They also found a meth pipe, tick list and $915 in cash.

A loaded pump-action .22 rifle and ammo was found in his vehicle, but Marsden didn’t have a firearms licence, and a trailer with false rego plates was also in the driveway.

When spoken to, Marsden said he had been ‘‘caught red-handed’’.

Aside from his criminal convictions, Marsden was taken to the Tenancy Tribunal by his former landlords who had to get their house, completed in October 2018, meth tested and cleaned.

Meth Detection Ltd did 10 individual room-by-room swabs and sent those to Hills Laboratories for analysis.

Meth was detected in all the rooms — the garage and lounge returned the highest readings, 22mcg and 21mcg per 100sqcm, respectively.

They were the only rooms above the 15mcg threshold applied by the Tenancy Tribunal, which ordered he pay a total of $5000 for those two areas, ‘‘exemplary damages’’ of $750 for committing an unlawful act, and $1500 for two weeks’ loss of rent.

His ex-landlords also kept his $3000 bond.