Crunch time: Glenorchy's Grace Percy, on Taz, competes in the Trotting Cup during the last Glenorchy Races in January, 2020


Organisers of the infamous Glenorchy Races remain cautiously optimistic next month’s event can go ahead, but will make a final call tonight.

This year’s races — to have been the 58th — were cancelled for the first time in the event’s
history due to inclement weather on race day.

Organised by the Lakeside Rugby Club, the event’s the biggest annual fundraiser for the head of the lake community.

Club president Alistair Wallace says the organising committee’s scoured the rules under the government’s recently-introduced traffic light setting and given the South Island will remain in ‘orange’ till at least January 17, when the next review of settings is planned, it appears the races can go ahead on January 8.

‘‘We’ve asked a fair few questions to a fair few people and nobody’s told us we can’t have

Wallace says vaccine passes will be required for everyone involved in the event.

He believes many who’ve pulled pin on planned summer events found additional requirements cost-prohibitive, so ‘‘just put it in the too-hard basket … and walked away from it’’.

‘‘Which is a pity.

‘‘It’s like the races, if you don’t hold them, when do they happen again?

‘‘[This] year we couldn’t have them because of the weather, so if we go another year, we may as well give up — that’s what it gets like.’’

However, provided the event can be run safely, there are enough double-vaxxed punters wanting to attend, and enough people willing to help, Wallace says he’s quietly confident the 2022 event will get the green light tonight.