Gnome man’s land

New pals: Luma boss Duncan Forsyth with some of the Luma gnomes

This year’s Luma will be gnome joke.

Thirty concrete/fibreglass gnomes will be transformed into unique works of art at this year’s light festival.

They’ve been shipped to artists around the country, who will create their own piece to go on display in Gnome Alley throughout the event.

Artists include renowned Kiwi Dick Frizzell and Queenstown artist Simon Deaker.

Deaker, who’s created a gold and black design, says he based his gnome on myths from lots of different cultures, with a military twist.

“It’s hard to escape the personality of the gnome,” he says.

“It’s very fun.”

As well as delighting festival-goers, the gnomes also serve a second, philanthropic purpose.

An ‘Adopt-A-Gnome’ programme means people can buy one of the pieces, with all proceeds going back into Luma’s emerging artist programme with the aim of bringing a new young artist on board for next year’s event.

They went live on TradeMe today.

Luma boss Duncan Forsyth says the project’s a great way for artists to support other artists.

“The only brief we gave them was ‘do what you want, and if you need a hacksaw, let us know’,” he laughs.

At Luma, Gnome Alley will be located in the alley between the tennis courts and the bowling club.

But for those wanting a sneak peek, some of the gnomes will be making an appearance at the MACOMOS Gallery at Five Mile.

They’ll be available to view there from tomorrow.