Cover boy: Deb Rose with a book featuring her dog, Bass, on the cover


A Queenstowner whose business teaches people how to feed their dogs properly has had her pooch featured by an international guru on raw feeding.

For his website ‘cover’, Irish vet Dr Conor Brady appealed, via Instagram, for dog owners to submit photos.

PuppyLove owner Deb Rose (McLean) submitted a photo of her collie huntaway cross, Bass, which Arrowtown photographer Merran Kavanagh had shot for a local dog agility club calendar.

In the photo, Bass is tucking into the type of healthy, raw food Rose has fed her dogs for more than 15 years.

To her surprise, Brady chose the photo, initially for his website, and then for the cover of his book, Feeding Dogs, which extolls the virtues of fresh, raw food.

‘‘He told me it represents every thing they talk about in food and in dogs,’’ Rose says.

The book got extra press when ‘‘the most and followed vet in the world’’, Dr Karen Becker, was recently shown holding the book.

Rose says her business ‘‘specialises in feeding fresh and raw food for dogs based on the  small-carcass prey they’d eat if they were in the wild’’.

‘‘I teach people how to feed their dogs properly with species-appropriate real food, as opposed to processed biscuits.’’

About half her customers buy her regularly-scheduled ‘my dog food bag’, and the  remainder buy off her website, she says.

Bass, who’s seven, ‘‘has been eating raw food his whole life and he’s never been to a vet, not for anything, he’s super-healthy’’.

The problem with the food most dogs eat, she says, is ‘‘it’s highly processed’’.

‘‘It never ends well — they just get sick from the inside out.’’