On the road again: Sustainable Queenstown's Esther Whitehead's helping bring the Repair Revolution back to Queenstown today


If it’s broke, fix it — or find someone who can.

Tomorrow the Repair Revolution’s popping up at the Queenstown Events Centre, aiming to help people get more life out of their belongings and divert good things from landfill.

Sustainable Queenstown’s Esther Whitehead’s been working with Wanaka Wastebusters on the new concept, which has already popped up in Wanaka, Hawea and Alexandra.

It sees willing and skilled vollies matched with people who have things that need fixing, and can be anything from toys to TVs, as well as ‘‘treasured items’’ which might have been passed down through generations.

Whitehead says while the bigger concept is around consumerism — discerning ‘quality’ in the first instance without spending money on things that aren’t going to last and will, inevitably, end up in landfill — it’s also about promoting existing businesses that repair items, so residents have a catalogue of where to take things to.

Included in Repair Revolutions’ volunteer workforce are certified electricians, seamstresses, watchmakers and jewellers, with older people sharing their skillset with the next generation.

‘‘It’s not a case of coming along and going, ‘oh, I’ll get all my crap fixed for free’, it’s about sharing skills as well, and respecting that.

‘‘It is free of charge but we gladly accept donations — volunteers don’t receive anything, but [donations] pays for all the glues and epoxy resins.’’

Whitehead says ‘‘repair for Christmas’’ is also worth a thought.

‘‘Let’s say your partner’s got something that you know they love but it’s broken, could you bring that along and gift it back to them, fixed, for Christmas?’’

Longer-term the two groups would like to create a repair ‘‘hub’’ in Queenstown which would co-exist with other facilities, like a resource recovery centre, to promote skill-sharing and make sure people get to keep their stuff for longer.

Tomorrow’s Repair Revolution’s in the Events Centre’s main hall, from 10am till 2pm.