Dog indulgence: QT Queenstown has two rooms for K9 as well as human guests


A five-star Queenstown hotel’s gone to the dogs — and that’s fur real.

QT Queenstown’s set aside two rooms that guests can book in with their pooch, as long as he/she is under 20kg.

In an initiative across QT’s Australasian hotels called ‘Pup Yeah!’, the room includes designer bedding, a bowl for whining and dining and a pooch-friendly minibar, and the
dog’s served one in-room meal a day.

Guests have to stump up a $150 non-refundable cleaning fee.

QT Queenstown hotelier Jeremy Black, who owns an over-size labrador, says it’s a case of
‘‘trying to have a bit of fun with things and doing something a bit different in these times’’.

QT’s not Queenstown’s only dog-friendly hospo business — craft beer bar Beech Tree allows customers to pop in with their pooches, as does Smiths Craft Beer House.