Held up: Clearance work has resumed at the former Frankton Motor Camp


The¬†transformation of the Frankton Motor Camp into a camping-only facility has been delayed by … you guessed it, Covid-19.

Work to clear the old cabins and caravans from the lakeside land began in March, before the lockdown began, and only got fully under way again a fortnight ago.

Council media man Jack Barlow says the original April 30 deadline for the work was extended to June 4, but it’ll have to be stretched further because of the disruption caused by the public health scare.

The motor camp was closed in January to make way for a conventional facility with about 200 tent, campervan and caravan sites.

About 120 temporary and permanent residents were kicked out as a result.

It follows the council’s adoption in 2018 of a new camping strategy that excluded temporary or permanent accommodation in the motor camp.

Barlow says the signing of a new 20-year management lease for the campground, which had been due by May 1, has also been pushed back.

The new facility will “possibly” still open in November, but the council wants to talk that over with the new lessee first because the opening date will be impacted by the availability of contractors and suppliers.

Asked what the new campground will be called, Barlow says it currently has the (inspired) working title of ‘Frankton Campground’.